Please note that if work is within the loft space of your property that you ensure there is loft boards and a working light and no wasp nests can be seen. If a wasp nest is discovered, please ensure it is terminated prior to our arrival. Should a nest be discovered during installation it may be necessary for work to stop until it has been terminated.

Should Keen Plumbers be unable to check the correct operation of both your central heating and hot water system prior to the installation of a replacement new boiler, we will test upon completion. Any subsequent failures not related to the new installation will be identified and our engineer will inform you. In addition, if further work is required we will be able to quote a price to resolve any issues.

Quotations are issued to the presumed home owner/person responsible for this property. If you do not have legal authorization to instruct work upon the premises in question, you should advise immediately upon receipt of the quotation. If you do not have authority to authorize work at the property, you may be invoiced for any subsequent loss incurred by Keen Plumbers.

Keen Plumbers Solutions does not guarantee any materials not supplied by ourselves. Any damage caused to a property by subsequent failure of a part/component not supplied by Keen Plumbers, on a plumbing and or heating installation will remain the responsibility of the customer. If we are required to re-install a replacement part not initially supplied by ourselves, further payment will be required. If a component fails due to incorrect installation by Keen Plumbers, we will review the matter with our customer.

Keen Plumbers guarantees their workmanship from the date of completion and this will vary depending on what was done. Guarantees are not insurance backed. Boiler guarantees are direct between you the customer and the Manufacturer of the boiler and length will vary depending on what is installed.

Keen Plumbers will not guarantee any work in respect of blockages in waste & drainage systems etc.

Keen plumbers will not guarantee any work undertaken on instruction from the customer & against the written or verbal advice of the operative/engineer.